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Intelligent data management is the backbone of all information processing and has hence been one of the core topics in computer science from its very start. This series is intended to offer an international platform for the timely publication of all topics relevant to the development of data-centric systems and applications. All books show a strong practical or application relevance as well as a thorough scientific basis. They are therefore of particular interest to both researchers and professionals wishing to acquire detailed knowledge about concepts of which they need to make intelligent use when designing advanced solutions for their own problems.

Special emphasis is laid upon:

·Scientifically solid and detailed explanations of practically relevant concepts and techniques 

 (what does it do)

·Detailed explanations of the practical relevance and importance of concepts and techniques 

 (why do we need it)

·Detailed explanation of gaps between theory and practice 

(why it does not work)

According to this focus of the series, submissions of advanced textbooks or books for advanced professional use are encouraged; these should preferably be authored books or monographs, but coherently edited, multi-author books are also envisaged (e.g. for emerging topics). On the other hand, overly technical topics (like physical data access, data compression etc.), latest research results that still need validation through the research community,  or mostly product-related information for practitioners (“how to use Oracle 9i efficiently”) are not encouraged.

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  • Michael J. Carey,
  • Stefano Ceri

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