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Soil Biology

Soil Biology

Series Ed.: Varma, Ajit

ISSN: 1613-3382

Professor Dr. Ajit Varma - Series Editor

Professor Dr. Ajit Varma - Series Editor

Director, AMITY Institute of Herbal & Microbial Research

RBEF Office:
E-27 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024;
Campus Office:
Sector 125, New Super Express Highway, Noida

Phone: 91 - 11 - 51559300 Extn 483
Fax: 91 - 11 - 24339100 / 24339200

Ajit Varma (M.Sc., Ph.D.) was professor of microbial technology at the School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, before he became Director of the AMITY Institute of Herbal & Microbial Research in 2004.
Professor Varma has won a large number of coveted national and international awards for his scientific contributions and was elected Fellow of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of India. He has lectured on various aspects of microbial sciences worldwide and has been honored for his excellence in teaching at esteemed universities.
His first two books, dealing with mycorrhizal research, were published in 1991-1992 by Academic Press (UK) and have been used at innumerable colleges, universities and research institutions all over the world. Since then, he has compiled 18 books produced by leading and prestigious scientific publishing houses.
With Springer he published the following books:
  • Mycorrhiza - Structure, Function, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Varma, Ajit, Hock, Bertold (Eds.) 2nd edn.., 1999 (3-540-63981-0)
  • Mycorrhiza Manual (Springer Lab Manuals); Varma, Ajit (Ed.) 1998 (3-540-62437-6)
  • Protocols in Lichenology - Culturing, Biochemistry, Ecophysiology and Use in Biomonitoring (Springer Lab Manuals); Kranner, Ilse, Beckett, Richard, Varma, Ajit (Eds.) 2002 (3-540-41139-9)
  • Plant Surface Microbiology; Varma, A., Abbott, L., Werner, D., Hampp, R. (Eds.) 2004 (3-540-00923-X)
In 2003 Springer started the book series Soil Biology with Ajit Varma as the series editor. Professor Varma also functions as volume editor of various volumes, such as Microorganisms in Soils: Roles in Genesis and Functions, Vol. 3; Buscot, Francois; Varma, Ajit (Eds.).

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