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This series aims to report new developments in research and teaching in the interdisciplinary fields of astrobiology and biogeophysics. This encompasses all aspects of research into the origins of life - from the creation of matter to the emergence of complex life forms - and the study of both structure and evolution of planetary ecosystems under a given set of astro- and geophysical parameters. The methods considered can be of theoretical, computational, experimental and observational nature. Preference will be given to proposals where the manuscript puts particular emphasis on the overall readability in view of the broad spectrum of scientific backgrounds involved in astrobiology and biogeophysics. The type of material considered for publication includes: - Topical monographs - Lectures on a new field, or presenting a new angle on a classical field - Suitably edited research reports - Compilations of selected papers from meetings that are devoted to specific topics.
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  • André Brack,
  • Gerda Horneck

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