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The Decision Engineering series focuses on the foundations and applications of tools and techniques related to decision engineering, and identifies their role in making decisions. The series provides an aid to practising professionals and applied researchers in the development of tools for informed operational and business decision making, within industry, by utilising distributed organisational knowledge. Series topics include:

  • Cost Engineering and Estimating,
  • Soft Computing Techniques,
  • Classical Optimization and Simulation Techniques,
  • Micro Knowledge Management (including knowledge capture and reuse, knowledge engineering           and business intelligence),
  • Collaborative Technology and Concurrent Engineering, and
  • Risk Analysis.

Springer welcomes new book ideas from potential authors. If you are interested in writing for the Decision Engineering series please contact: Anthony Doyle (Senior Editor—Engineering, Springer) and Professor Rajkumar Roy (Series Editor) at: anthony.doyle@springer.com or r.roy@city.ac.uk 

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  • Rajkumar Roy

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