About this book series

Mathematics and Biosciences in Interaction is devoted to the publication of advanced textbooks, monographs, and multiauthored volumes on mathematical concepts in the biological sciences. It concentrates on truly interdisciplinary research presenting currently important biological fields and relevant methods of mathematical modelling and analysis. Emphasis will be put on mathematical concepts and methods being developed and refined in close relation to problems and results relevant for experimental bioscientists.

The series aims at publishing not only monographs by individual authors presenting their own results, but welcomes, in particular, volumes arising from collaborations, joint research programs or workshops. These can feature concepts and open problems as a result of such collaborative work, possibly illustrated with computer software providing statistic analyses, simulations or visualizations.

The envisaged readership includes researchers and advanced students in applied mathematics numerical analysis as well as statistics, genetics, cell biology, neurobiology, bioinformatics, biophysics, bio(medical) engineering, biotechnology, evolution and behavioral sciences, theoretical biology, systems theory.

Book titles in this series