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New & Forthcoming Titles | Cardiovascular Molecular Morphogenesis

Cardiovascular Molecular Morphogenesis

Cardiovascular Molecular Morphogenesis

Series Ed.: Markwald, R.R.
Weston, Michael (Ed.)

Discontinued Series
Although this series no longer publishes new content, the published titles listed below may be still available on-line (e. g. via the Springer Book Archives) and in print.

This book series Cardiovascular Molecular Morphogenesis publishes works devoted to the development of the heart and blood vessels. Since both the developing embryo vessels and adult blood vessels are of great current interest, such important topics as vasculogenesis and angiogenesis will form an essential part of the series volumes.

The central aim of the series will be to help make a connection between the new genes, identified through the Human Genome Project and other molecular approaches, with their functional role at the molecular, cellular and organ level. It is generally believed that such a connection could be greatly helped via morphological and molecular databases provided by embryonic development studies. As we approach the 21st century, developmental biology has entered a new era that blends the findings of classical descriptive and experimental embryology with those of modern genetics, molecular biology, and the study of human birth defects. In this new era, we are turning back to the morphological database acquired over the last century and rediscovering the necessity and value of comparative embryology.

Publications in this series are a required reading for developmental biologists, physiologists, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, teratologists, and pathologists. As explained above, the series will become a resource for molecular/cell biologists, seeking to make functional sense of newly identified genes.