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This book series addresses all key topical aspects of basic research, therapy and its clinical implications in the field of inflammatory diseases. It provides a unique reference source for academic and industrial biomedical researchers, drug development personnel, immunologists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, allergologists and many other relevant clinical disciplines. Each publication supplies regular scientific updates on newest developments and allow providing access to state-of-the-art techniques and technologies.

The series gathers knowledge from leading authorities on the multiple facets of inflammation research, making it a valuable asset for advanced students in biomedical sciences, early career investigators and for professionals in both basic and translational research and in the clinic. Each volume comprises a carefully selected collection of high-quality review articles on the respective field of expertise. They also introduce new investigators to the most pertinent aspects of inflammatory disease and allow established investigators to understand fundamental ideas, concepts and data on sub-fields that they may not normally follow. 

Thus chapters should not comprise extensive data reviews nor provide a means for authors to present new data that would normally be published in peer-reviewed journals. Instead, the chapters should provide a concise overview and guide to the most pertinent and important literature, thus reflecting a conceptual approach rather than a complete review of the particular field of research. Moreover, each chapter should be intelligible for less experienced researchers or even newcomers to the fields of pathology, mechanisms and therapy of inflammatory disease. To this end, authors should consider introducing PhD students or postdocs who are new to the laboratory to the major concepts and the most critical literature in their chosen field of research.

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  • Michael J. Parnham,
  • Emanuela Ricciotti,
  • Francis Man

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  1. Imaging Inflammation

    • Francis Man
    • Simon J. Cleary
    • Copyright: 2023

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