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Information systems and intelligent knowledge processing are playing an increasing role in business, science and technology. Recently, advanced information systems have evolved to facilitate the co-evolution of human and information networks within communities. These advanced information systems use various paradigms including artificial intelligence, knowledge management, and neural science as well as conventional information processing paradigms.

The aim of this series is to publish books on new designs and applications of advanced information and knowledge processing paradigms in areas including but not limited to aviation, business, security, education, engineering, health, management, and science.

Books in the series should have a strong focus on information processing - preferably combined with, or extended by, new results from adjacent sciences. Proposals for research monographs, reference books, coherently integrated multi-author edited books, and handbooks will be considered for the series and each proposal will be reviewed by the Series Editors, with additional reviews from the editorial board and independent reviewers where appropriate. Titles published within the Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing Series are included in Thomson Reuters' Book Citation Index and Scopus.
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  • Lakhmi C. Jain,
  • Xindong Wu
Series Editor
  • Sheryl Brahnam,
  • Diane J Cook,
  • Josep Domingo-Ferrer,
  • Bogdan Gabryś,
  • Francisco Herrera,
  • Hiroshi Mamitsuka,
  • Vir V. Phoha,
  • Arno Siebes,
  • Philippe de Wilde

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