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The Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften, Springer's first book series in higher mathematics, was founded by Richard Courant in 1920 as a series of modern textbooks. Its objective was to lead students to current research questions through basic, comprehensive books. Today, it is often no longer possible to start from the basics and, in a single book, reach the frontiers of current research. As a result, volumes in the series have become increasingly specialised and advanced.

The Text Editions of selected Grundlehren volumes have been specially adapted by their authors for use in graduate-level teaching and study. The most relevant chapters have been selected, rewritten for better comprehension, and exercises of varying difficulty have been added. Volumes in this series maintain a consistent level throughout, enabling students to build on their knowledge in preparation for research.
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  • Alain Chenciner,
  • S.R.S. Varadhan
Series Editor
  • Henri Darmon,
  • Pierre de la Harpe,
  • Frank den Hollander,
  • Nigel J. Hitchin,
  • Nalini Joshi,
  • Antti Kupiainen,
  • Gilles Lebeau,
  • Jean-François Le Gall,
  • Fang-Hua Lin,
  • Shigefumi Mori,
  • Bảo Châu Ngô,
  • Denis Serre,
  • Michel Waldschmidt

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