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Impact Studies

Impact Studies

Series Editors: Koeberl, Christian, Trigo-Rodriguez, Josep, Bezaeva, Natalia S.

ISSN: 1612-8338

Within the past two decades, research on impact cratering mainly gained attention throughout the world after the theory that a large impact event caused the extinction of ca. 50% of all living species, including the dinosaurs, approximately 65 million years ago was proposed. Impact craters are formed when a large meteorid crashes into a larger planetary body with a solid surface.

The interdisciplinary series, Impact Studies, aims to include all aspects of research related to impact cratering - geology, geophysics, paleontology, geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, planetology, etc. Experimental studies on shock metamorphism, investigations of individual impact craters, comparative planetology, and paleontological research on the effects of impact events  are just a few topics that are  treated in this series. All contributions are peer-reviewed to ensure high scientific quality.

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