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Mathematics in Industry focuses on the research and educational aspects of mathematics used in industry and other business enterprises. Books for Mathematics in Industry are in the following categories: research monographs, problem-oriented multi-author collections, textbooks with a problem-oriented approach, and conference proceedings. All manuscripts undergo rigorous peer review before acceptance. Relevance to the actual practical use of mathematics in the industry is the distinguishing feature of the books in the Mathematics in Industry series.
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  • Hans Georg Bock,
  • Frank de Hoog,
  • Avner Friedman,
  • Arvind Gupta,
  • André Nachbin,
  • Tohru Ozawa,
  • William R. Pulleyblank,
  • Torgeir Rusten,
  • Fadil Santosa,
  • Jin Keun Seo,
  • Anna-Karin Tornberg

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