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Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants

Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants

Series Editors: Eggli, Urs, Hartmann, Heidrun E.K.

During evolution, many plant species have adapted to life in seasonally dry and arid environments by developing the ability to store water in their stems, leaves, and/or underground organs – this phenomenon is called ‚succulence‘.


Succulent plants can be found in more than 70 plant families. The Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants was first published in 6 volumes in 2001-2003 (excluding cacti and orchids). A second revised edition, of which the  first volumes (treating the family Aizoaceae) were published 2017, provides a taxonomical treatment of all estimated 11000 taxa of succulents (excluding orchids). In addition to the volumes on Monocotyledons and Dicotyledons, separate volumes are devoted to those families with an especially great diversity of succulent species, namely Aizoaceae, Apocynaceae, Cactaceae and Crassulaceae.


Each volume is organized by alphabet of families, genera and species, with comprehensive synonymies added at all levels. Detailed descriptions are given for all accepted taxa, together with data on the distribution and typification, and references to the most important literature. Where necessary, information on ecology, ethnobotany, history etc. is added, and in many places proposed relationships are critically discussed. Over 2000 superb colour photographs complete this inventory of succulent plants.

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