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Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics

Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics

Series Ed.: Bathe, Klaus-Jurgen

ISSN: 1860-482X

In recent decades, computational procedures have been continuously advanced and been applied to an increasing extent in engineering and the physical sciences. Mostly, two separate fields have been considered, namely, the analysis of solids and structures and the analysis of fluid flows. These continuous advances in analyses are of much interest to physicists, mathematicians and in particular, engineers. Also, computational fluid and solid mechanics are no longer treated as entirely separate fields of applications, coupled fluid and solid analysis is being pursued. The objective of the book series is to publish monographs, textbooks, and reference books, on any subject of computational fluid dynamics, computational solid and structural mechanics, and computational multiphysics dynamics. The publications are written by and for physicists, mathematicians and engineers and are to emphasize the modeling, analysis and solution of problems in engineering.

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