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Structure and Bonding is a publication which uniquely bridges the journal and book format. Organized into topical volumes, the series publishes in depth and critical reviews on all topics concerning structure and bonding. With over 50 years of history, the series has developed from covering theoretical methods for simple molecules to more complex systems.

Topics addressed in the series now include the design and engineering of molecular solids such as molecular machines, surfaces, two dimensional materials, metal clusters and supramolecular species based either on complementary hydrogen bonding networks or metal coordination centers in metal-organic framework materials (MOFs). Also of interest is the study of reaction coordinates of organometallic transformations and catalytic processes, and the electronic properties of metal ions involved in important biochemical enzymatic reactions.

Volumes on physical and spectroscopic techniques used to provide insights into structural and bonding problems, as well as experimental studies associated with the development of bonding models, reactivity pathways and rates of chemical processes are also relevant for the series.

Structure and Bonding is able to contribute to the challenges of communicating the enormous amount of data now produced in contemporary research by producing volumes which summarize important developments in selected areas of current interest and provide the conceptual framework necessary to use and interpret mega-databases.

We welcome proposals for volumes in the series within the scope mentioned above. Structure and Bonding offers our authors and readers:


  • OnlineFirst publication. Each chapter is published online as it is finished, ahead of the print volume
  • Wide dissemination. The chapters and the volume will be available on our platform SpringerLink, one of the largest collections of scholarly content in the world. SpringerLink attracts more than 50 million users at 15.000 institutions worldwide. 
  • Easy manuscript preparation. Authors do not have to spend their valuable time on the layout of their contribution. Springer will take care of all the layout related issues and will provide support throughout the complete process.

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