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The field of fluorescence continues to grow steadily, both in fundamental aspects and applications in a highly interdisciplinary areas (analytical, physical and organic chemistry, molecular sciences, biology, biomedicine and medical research). The Springer Series on Fluorescence aims at drawing together both papers on fundamental research including recent advances in fluorescence methods and techniques as well those on practice-oriented research and pioneering applications.

Aims and Scope

Fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescence imaging and fluorescent probes are indispensible tools in numerous fields of modern medicine and science, including molecular biology, biophysics, biochemistry, clinical diagnosis and analytical and environmental chemistry. Applications stretch from spectroscopy and sensor technology to microscopy and imaging, to single molecule detection, to the development of novel fluorescent probes, and to proteomics and genomics. The Springer Series on Fluorescence aims at publishing state-of-the-art articles that can serve as invaluable tools for both practitioners and researchers being active in this highly interdisciplinary field. The carefully edited collection of papers in each volume will give continuous inspiration for new research and will point to exciting new trends.

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  • Bruno Pedras

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  1. Perspectives on Fluorescence

    A Tribute to Gregorio Weber

    • David M. Jameson
    • Copyright: 2016

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