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Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology

Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology

Editor-in-chief: Müller, Werner E G
Series Editors: Schröder, Heinz C., Ugarković, Ðurðica

ISSN: 0079-6484

Heidelberg, 18 March 2011

Werner Müller wins prestigious award from the European Research Council

Springer editor honored for his outstanding achievements in the field of biosilicate research

Werner Mueller
The European Research Council has awarded one of this year’s ERC Advanced Grants to Springer editor Dr. Werner Müller, thus supporting his well-established research in the field of biosilicates with prize money of 2.2 million euros.
Werner Müller is professor at Mainz University’s Institute of Physiological Chemistry. He is a leading expert on the identification, cloning and production of genetically engineered enzymes (silicateins) that allow deep-sea sponges to synthesize their silica skeletons. Professor Müller is editor-in-chief of the Springer book series Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology and co-editor of the book Inorganic Polyphosphates in this series.
Werner Müller’s current research focuses primarily on intelligent nano-medical biomaterials that can be used as bone replacement materials or to treat osteoporosis, for example. Research by Professor Müller and his team at the University of Mainz is inspired by natural processes optimized through evolution. The aim is to develop entirely biological supporting structures made of biosilicate that can later produce bone tissue in humans. The ERC Advanced Grant will help promote this important research for regenerative medicine.
The ERC Advanced Grants were first awarded by the European Research Council in 2007 and are presented every year to draw attention to and promote excellent projects in basic research. They are one of Europe’s most highly endowed research awards. The research projects are selected solely on the strength of their outstanding scientific value and the innovative potential of the research idea, regardless of the nationality of the researchers or their field of research.
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