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This series publishes advanced monographs giving well-written presentations of the "state-of-the-art" in fields of mathematical research that have acquired the maturity needed for such a treatment. They are sufficiently self-contained to be accessible to more than just the intimate specialists of the subject, and sufficiently comprehensive to remain valuable references for many years. Besides the current state of knowledge in its field, an SMM volume should ideally describe its relevance to and interaction with neighbouring fields of mathematics, and give pointers to future directions of research.

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  • Minhyong Kim,
  • Katrin Wendland
Series Editor
  • Sheldon Axler,
  • Mark Braverman,
  • Maria Chudnovsky,
  • Tadahisa Funaki,
  • Isabelle Gallagher,
  • Sinan Gunturk,
  • Claude Le Bris,
  • Pascal Massart,
  • Alberto Adrego Pinto,
  • Gabriella Pinzari,
  • Ken Ribet,
  • René Schilling,
  • Panagiotis Souganidis,
  • Endre Süli,
  • Shmuel Weinberger,
  • Boris Zilber

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