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New & Forthcoming Titles | Modeling Dynamic Systems

Modeling Dynamic Systems

Modeling Dynamic Systems

Series Editors: Ruth, Matthias, Hannon, Bruce, Stave, Krystyna

ISSN: 2199-2606

Discontinued Series
Although this series no longer publishes new content, the published titles listed below may be still available on-line (e. g. via the Springer Book Archives) and in print.
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The availability of powerful, intuitive software for developing and running simulation models or real-world phenomena promises a revolution in studying, teaching, and thinking about complex problems that range from the functioning of a cell, of an ecosystem, or of a national economy. The books in the series Modeling Dynamic Systems will promote the spread of "systems thinking" by integrating state-of-the-art modeling techniques with the theories and concepts of specific disciplines or interdisciplinary topics. The unifying theme of the series is the ease, power and transparency of model-building.