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The series Topics in Organometallic Chemistry presents critical overviews of research results in organometallic chemistry. As our understanding of organometallic structure, properties and mechanisms increases, new ways are opened for the design of organometallic compounds and reactions tailored to the needs of such diverse areas as organic synthesis, medical research, biology and materials science. Thus the scope of coverage includes a broad range of topics of pure and applied organometallic chemistry, where new breakthroughs are being achieved that are of significance to a larger scientific audience.

The individual volumes of Topics in Organometallic Chemistry are thematic. Review articles are generally invited by the volume editors. All chapters from Topics in Organometallic Chemistry are published Online First with an individual DOI. In references, Topics in Organometallic Chemistry is abbreviated as Top Organomet Chem and cited as a journal.   

More information about this series is available at https://www.springer.com/series/3418 

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Series Editor
  • Matthias Beller,
  • Pierre H. Dixneuf,
  • Jairton Dupont,
  • Alois Fürstner,
  • Frank Glorius,
  • Lukas J. Gooßen,
  • Steven P. Nolan,
  • Jun Okuda,
  • Luis A. Oro,
  • Michael Willis,
  • Qi-Lin Zhou

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