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The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series is a treasure trove of how-to guides for the amateur astronomer. The books in this series are written for hobbyists at all levels, from the enthusiastic newcomer to the veteran observer. They thus go far beyond more general, popular-level books in both scope and depth, exploring in detail the latest trends, techniques, and equipment being used by amateur astronomers around the world.

You will find herein a diverse list of books on constellations, astronomy catalogues, astrophotography, eclipse chasing, telescope equipment, software, and so much more. All books in the series boast full-color images as well as practical sections for putting your newfound knowledge to use, including star charts and target objects, glossaries, hands-on DIY projects, troubleshooting walk-throughs, and a plethora of other helpful features.

Overall, this series bridges the gap between the many introductory books available and more specialized technical publications, providing digestible, hands-on guides for those wishing to expand their knowledge of the night skies.

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  • Gerald R. Hubbell

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