About this book series

The "Business Analytics in Practice" book series highlights the importance of analytics in decision-making across industries and academia. It offers practical insights and case studies for effective implementation of business analytics.
This unique series brings together experts from academia and industry to showcase the latest advancements in decision analytics. It covers a wide range of topics, including AI and Machine Learning, Financial Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Fraud and Risk Analytics, Operations and Supply Chain Analytics, Health Analytics, Human Resources Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Sustainability, and Net-zero Analytics, etc.
Authored by academics and experienced professionals, this book series bridges the gap between academia and industry. Each book combines practical guidance, best practices, and successful case studies, empowering readers to apply analytics to drive business value and explore new data-driven opportunities.
The series emphasizes rigorous research and theoretical foundations while demonstrating the practical impact of decision analytics. In-depth case studies make it an authoritative resource for researchers, academics, practitioners, and students in business analytics, data science, and management science.

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  • Ali Emrouznejad