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​Digitalization is a big trend at the moment in the whole history of human beings. However, the movement introduces unprecedented challenges in security and privacy.

The book series on Digital Privacy and Security aims to develop and disseminate understandings of innovations, paradigms, techniques, and technologies in the contexts of digital world related research and studies. It covers security, privacy, availability, and dependability issues for digital systems and applications. It welcomes emerging technologies, such as security and privacy in artificial intelligence, digital twin, blockchain, metaverse, semantic communications, and so on.

The series serves as an essential reference source for security and privacy in the digital space. It publishes thorough and cohesive overviews on state-of-the-art topics in cyber security and privacy, as well as sophisticated techniques, original research presentations and in-depth case studies in the domain. The series also provides a single point of coverage of advanced and timely emerging topics and a forum for core concepts that may not have reached a level of maturity to warrant a comprehensive textbook. The intended audience includes students, researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners.

The quality is assured through rigorous peer review, based on the editors' review and selection and adequate refereeing by independent experts.
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  • Shui Yu

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