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The Applied Intelligence and Informatics (AII) book series collates and disseminates cutting edge methodological innovations and their applications from all branches of artificial intelligence and informatics. With increasing digitisation around the world, automating the transformation of information and gaining insights from the ever growing data through interactions of natural as well as engineered computational systems is needed. The AII aims all those methods which lay the foundation for solving problems from science, engineering, smart living, smart city, real-life manufacturing, defense, management, governance, industrial, and healthcare domains. The AII methods transform challenging problems into systems which can be used for the betterment of humanity. The general scope of this series includes all issues in artificial intelligence and computational systems that (or their integration) can serve as the foundation for the development of novel methodologies for real-world applications. Books published in this series should provide novel artificial intelligence and informatics-based technological solutions and smart informatics systems to solve real-world problems. The series will solicit books with focus on AII from domains/topics including: emerging application of artificial intelligence, explainable artificial intelligence, internet of things & computing, life sciences and healthcare, network and security, quantum informatics, and robotics and vision.
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  • Mufti Mahmud,
  • M. Shamim Kaiser

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