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Contributions to Environmental Sciences & Innovative Business Technology (CESIBT) is an interdisciplinary series of peer-reviewed books dedicated to addressing emerging research trends relevant to the interplay between Environmental ‎Sciences, Innovation, and Business Technology in their broadest sense. This series constitutes a comprehensive up-to-date interdisciplinary reference that develops integrated concepts for sustainability and discusses the emerging trends and practices that will define the future of these disciplines.


This series publishes the latest developments and research in the various areas of ‎ Environmental Sciences, Innovation, and Business Technology, combined with scientific quality and timeliness‎. It encompasses the theoretical, ‎practical, and methodological aspects of all branches of these scientific disciplines embedded in the fields of Environmental Sciences, Innovation, and Business Technology. ‎


The series also draws on the best research papers from EuroMid Academy of Business and Technology (EMABT) ‎and other international ‎conferences to foster the creation and development of sustainable solutions for local and ‎international organizations worldwide. By including interdisciplinary contributions, this series introduces innovative ‎tools that can best support and shape both the economical and sustainability agenda for the welfare of all countries, through better use of data, a more effective organization, and global, local, and ‎individual work.‎ The series can also present new case studies in real-world settings offering solid examples of recent innovations and business technology with special consideration ‎for resolving environmental issues in different regions of ‎the world.


The series can be beneficial to researchers, instructors, practitioners, consultants, and industrial experts, in addition to governments from around the world. Published in collaboration with EMABT, the Springer CESIBT series will bring together the latest research that addresses key challenges and issues in the domain of Environmental Sciences & Innovative Business Technology for sustainable development.
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  • Bahaaeddin Alareeni

Book titles in this series

  1. Current Trends in Economics, Business and Sustainability

    Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics, Business and Sustainability (ICEBS 2023)

    • J. Aloysius Edward
    • K. P. Jaheer Mukthar
    • Edwin Ramirez Asis
    • K. Sivasubramanian
    • Copyright: 2023

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