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Artificial Intelligence is now present in numerous spheres of our everyday lives. It is poised to lead new and efficient business models for effective and user-centric services in the private and public sectors. Advances in AI in deep learning, (deep) reinforcement learning, and neuroevolutionary techniques can pave the way forward for artificial general intelligence (AGI). However, the development and use of AI also present challenges. Inherent biases prevalent within data corpora used to train AI and machine learning systems attribute to most of these challenges. In addition, multiple instances have highlighted the need for privacy, fairness, and transparency in AI-powered decision-making. This book series will provide an avenue for researchers, leaders, decision-makers, and policymakers to share research and insights on the forefronts of AI, including its use in an Ethical, Explainable, Privacy-Preserving, Trustworthy, and Sustainable manner.

The series has relevance across disciplines and be multi-disciplinary. Advances in AI, explainability AI, privacy-preserving AI, and ethical AI explored in this book series are unexplored areas for research and competence building. Such developments can reduce hesitancy for AI integration in many domains. The book series thus fits in well as an essential and growing need among those who work on artificial intelligence in academia, business and industry, and the public sector to exploit the opportunities in the constantly evolving field of AI.

The series publishes research monographs, authored works by practitioners and case studies to highlight innovative and best practices, and edited volumes putting together varied perspectives.
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Series Editor
  • Antorweep Chakravorty,
  • Ajit Kumar Verma,
  • Pushpak Bhattacharya,
  • Millie Pant,
  • Shubha Ghosh

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