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This book series will share high quality analytical work on Catholic schools and universities globally, as well as works on other education systems that can be useful to Catholic education. A particular emphasis will be placed on contemporary issues faced by Catholic education, including assessing the sustainability of Catholic educational institutions, maintaining their vibrancy in different contexts, and ensuring that their services reach the poor and vulnerable. The series will include monographs and edited volumes. It will provide a unique contribution to scholarship on Catholic education with an emphasis on learning from the experiences of different countries. The series will welcome full length books that are international in nature, discussing challenges and opportunities in such a way that learning across countries may take place. Regional and global perspectives will be sought both in terms of the scope of the analysis and in terms of the scholars contributing to the series. The intent is to also include perspectives about Catholic education that may be critically constructive. The series should be of interest not only to researchers and school administrators, but also to teachers and even parents, whether they are interested in Catholic education or more broadly or more broadly in discussions about what the aims of education could or should be.

Please contact Grace Ma (e-mail: grace.ma@springer.com) for submitting book proposals for this series.
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  • Leonardo Franchi,
  • Sean Whittle,
  • Quentin Wodon

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