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The mission of this Lecture series is to foster an understanding for engineers and scientists on the inclusive nature of their profession. The creation and proliferation of technologies needs to be inclusive as it has effects on all of humankind, regardless of national boundaries, socio-economic status, gender, race and ethnicity, or creed. The Lectures will combine expertise in sociology, political economics, philosophy of science, history, engineering, engineering education, participatory research, development studies, sustainability, psychotherapy, policy studies, and epistemology. The Lectures will be relevant to all engineers practicing in all parts of the world.
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Series Editor
  • Caroline Baillie

Book titles in this series

  1. Drones for Good

    How to Bring Sociotechnical Thinking into the Classroom

    • Gordon D. Hoople
    • Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick
    • Copyright: 2020
    • Published: 01 June 2022