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The book series AI-SSE publishes new developments and advances on all aspects of Artificial Intelligence-enhanced Software and Systems Engineering—quickly and with a high quality. The series provides a concise coverage of the particular topics from both the vantage point of a newcomer and that of a highly specialized researcher in these scientific disciplines, which results in a significant cross-fertilization and research dissemination. To maximize dissemination of research results and knowledge in these disciplines, the series will publish edited books, monographs, handbooks, textbooks and conference proceedings. Of particular value to both the contributors and the readership are the short publication timeframe and the world-wide distribution, which enable both wide and rapid dissemination of research output.
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Series Editor
  • Maria Virvou,
  • George A. Tsihrintzis,
  • Nikolaos G. Bourbakis,
  • Lakhmi C. Jain

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