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The aim of this book series is to present state of the art studies, research and best engineering practices, real-world applications and real-world case studies for the risks, security, and reliability of critical infrastructure systems and Cyber-Physical Systems. Volumes of this book series will cover modelling, analysis, frameworks, digital twin simulations of risks, failures and vulnerabilities of cyber critical infrastructures as well as will provide ICT approaches to ensure protection and avoid disruption of vital fields such as economy, utility supplies networks, telecommunications, transports, etc. in the everyday life of citizens. The intertwine of cyber and real nature of critical infrastructures will be analyzed and challenges of risks, security, and reliability of critical infrastructure systems will be revealed. Computational intelligence provided by sensing and processing through the whole spectrum of Cloud-to-thing continuum technologies will be the basis for real-time detection of risks, threats, anomalies, etc. in cyber critical infrastructures and will prompt for human and automated protection actions. Finally, studies and recommendations to policy makers, managers, local and governmental administrations and global international organizations will be sought.
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  • Fatos Xhafa

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