About this book series

Springer’s innovative new bookseries Ecosystem Services - Landscape and Spatial Planning Perspectives publishes high-quality manuscripts pertaining to the science, practice, policy and education of ecosystem services and nature’s contributions to people in relation to applications in landscape and  spatial planning. The series presents inter- and transdisciplinary research and practice insights with the goal of disseminating novel insights to researchers, policymakers, practitioners and students. The book-length format provides opportunities for presenting  integrative accounts of the state of knowledge around ecosystem services for spatial planning, including environmental, landscape, territorial and urban planning, green infrastructure planning and conservation planning helping in navigating the burgeoning number of scientific articles published on this subject.  The aim of the Series is to synthesize and share insights on ecosystem services science and   practice, with a particular focus on applications in the field of spatial planning and on theories, methods, insights and experiences regarding at least one of the following themes:
• Relationships between ecosystems, biodiversity, and the ecosystem services they provide, and how those relationships can be influenced with spatial planning
• Relationships between ecosystem services and the contributions they provide to people, and how those relationships can be influenced with spatial planning
• Impacts of land and resources use, today and in spatial scenarios for future, on ecosystems and ecosystem provision
• Policy and planning options and instruments for the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of ecosystem services  
Looking across the themes, the book series facilitates the mutual exchange between research and practice with the goal of identifying, implementing and upscaling solutions to the challenges of nature and landscape as a contribution to attaining the sustainable development goals. 
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Series Editor
  • Christian Albert,
  • Luis Inostroza