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Springer Handbooks in Languages and Linguistics is the largest and most comprehensive undertaking of its kind in the history of linguistics and the long history of linguistics scholarship. This series of reference works offers a comprehensive survey of all the world's languages—and dialects therein—edited by leading scholars in their respective fields. The handbooks not only reframe prior scholarship in accordance with new findings, but also offer novel insights into each language branch and language family with a mindful observation of both new sources and historical precedence. In encompassing the broad spectrum of contemporary and historical linguistics, and engaging with the structure and function of different languages, contributors excavate a wide range of intellectual linguistic issues from the Middle East, to North and South Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. A magnum opus within linguistics, presenting global coverage and boasting extensive geographic diversity from within the corresponding research communities, this collection is the ultimate companion for linguists and language enthusiasts, as well as anthropologists, philologists, poeticians, rhetoricians, and literati, everywhere.
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  • Alireza Korangy

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