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SpringerBriefs in Social Work and Social Change is a compact book series of authored and edited briefs on the state-of-the-art literature on social work and social change as well as globalization and social change, neoliberalism and social change, and societal response to social change, with special reference to social work education, research and practice. 

The principal aim of the Series is to examine social change in a constantly changing world with new economic, political and social orders and how social work as a human service profession responds to these changes. Contributions in this Series go beyond accepting change as an inevitable force and reflect on our power in influencing, redirecting and contemplating social change. It is with this principal aim that we call upon academia, policy-makers, researchers and educators in social work, at all levels of their career stage, to explore the positive part of social change; i.e., what can we learn from social change while revisiting its negativity and impact. 

Volumes published in this Series approach social change at different levels of society (whether local, regional, national, transnational, or at the macro, meso and micro levels). The Series identifies and defines the concept of social change within the social work context and its impact on human development at various national and international scopes. 

Featuring compact volumes of 55 to 125 pages, SpringerBriefs in Social Work and Social Change is a comprehensive collection of high-quality literature on social change, with a primary focus on social work, contributed by educators, researchers, and practitioners across the globe. Both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts are considered for publication in this Series.
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  • Rajendra Baikady,
  • Jaroslaw Przeperski,
  • S.M. Sajid

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