Series Editor
  • Rajendra Baikady
  • Jaroslaw Przeperski
  • S.M. Sajid

About the Editor

Rajendra Baikady, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Work, Central University of Kerala, India and a Senior Research Associate at the Department of Social Work and Community Development, University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Prior to joining CUK, he was a Special Post-Doctoral Fellow and Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Social Work, University of Johannesburg, South Africa (2020-2022). He completed his first Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (2019-2020) and was awarded the Golda Meir Fellowship by Lady Davis Trust at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was also a recipient of the Taiwan Government’s Short Term Research Award (2018) for academic research at National Chengchi University, Taiwan and the Confucius Institute Understanding China Fellowship by the Government of China (2018-2019) for academic research at Shandong University, China. Baikady is also affiliated with International Socioeconomic Laboratory, Harvard University, USA, as a Principal Investigator (Summer research Fellowship); an international visiting faculty at the Department of Social Work, Sree Sabarisa College, India, and a Research Associate at the Water Policy Center in India.  

His recent books include The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Work Education (Palgrave Macmillan), Social Welfare Policies and Programmes in South Asia (Routledge), Building Sustainable Communities - Civil Society Response in South Asia (Palgrave Macmillan), Social Welfare in India and China: A Comparison (Palgrave Macmillan), The Oxford Handbook of Power, Politics and Social Work (Oxford University Press), The Routledge International Handbook of Field Work Education in Social Work (Routledge), and The Routledge International Handbook of Social Work Field Education in the Global South and The Routledge Handbook of Poverty in the Global South (Routledge). Baikady’s research interests are in international social work, social change, social problems, social welfare, social justice, human rights, critical social work, social policy and globalization, among others. Ongoing major publishing projects by Baikady include: The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Problems - by Palgrave Macmillan, UK (Editor-in-Chief) and The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Change - by Palgrave Macmillan, UK (Editor-in-Chief). He is also the founding editor of two book series published by Springer Nature – Springer Series in Social Work and Social Change, SpringerBriefs in Social Work and Social Change, and Routledge Series in Social Work and Society. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, LondonUK.

Jaroslaw Przeperski, PhD is Assistant Professor at Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU) in Torun, Poland. He is also a director of the Centre for Family Research, a research unit at NCU. His scientific interest is focused on family social work, integration of services for families, and decision-making. He received a PhD in social science. He is an expert in family policy for the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy and President of the Republic of Poland. He is a manager of research grants in the fields of social welfare, family policy and decision-making in social work. He is also a principal organizer of the regular international conference, International Scientific Conference of Research on Family Services.

S.M. Sajid, PhD has been a senior social work educator for 35 years and is currently Professor of Social Work at Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), New Delhi, India, since 2001. He also served as Registrar, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Officiating Vice-Chancellor of JMI during 2010-2014. In addition, Prof. Sajid has held positions of Hony. Advisor, Centres of Higher Learning and Research, JMI, from 2008 to 2011, and as the Director, Academic Staff College, JMI, during 2007-2008. He established the Nelson Mandela Centre of Peace and Conflict Resolution, JMI and was its Founding Director. He has been Officer on Special Duty (OSD), AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, JMI, where he developed a postgraduate program in Development Communication and was also instrumental in launching the community radio of the university. He taught two courses, namely Diversity and Migration and International Social Work, at the University of Applied Sciences, Erfurt, Germany, as Guest Scientist in 2018 and 2020. He was also appointed as “True Visitor” by York University, Toronto, Canada, in 2015 and taught a summer course on “Critical International Social Work from a Global South Perspective” in this capacity. His latest publications include The Palgrave Handbook of Social Work Education (2020, Palgrave Macmillan) and Reflections on Social Work Profession (2019, Bloomsbury). His areas of academic and research interests include conflict analysis and peace building, community work, field education, social work education and minority studies.

Editorial Advisory Board

Maik Arnold, University of Applied Science in Dresden, Dresden, Germany

Mary Baginsky, King's College London, London, UK

Berch Berberoglu, PhD, Department of Sociology, Ozmen Institute for Global Studies, University of Nevada, Reno, Reno, NV, USA

Peter Beresford, OBE, University of Essex, Colchester, UK; Brunel University London, London, UK

Mark Briskey, College of Arts, Business, Law and Social Sciences, Murdoch University, Murdoch, WA, Australia

Johan Gal, The Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare, The Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel

Simon Hayhoe, FBCS, FHEA, Department of Education, University of Bath, Bath, UK

Sven E.O. Hort, School of Social Studies, Linnaeus University, Kalmar and Växjö, Sweden

Kalyani K. Mehta, School of Human Development and Social Sciences, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Clementi, Singapore

Rajesh Sampath, PhD, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, USA

Andrea Schmelz, Department of International Social Work and Global Development, Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Coburg, Germany

Caroline Schmitt, Institute of Education and Educational Research, University of Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Austria

Karmen Toros, School of Governance, Law and Society, Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia

Andrew Whittaker, FRSA, SFHEA, School of Health and Social Care, London South Bank University, London, UK

Shirley Worland PhD, BSW Hons, Dip Min., Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand