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This book series offers an outlet for innovative research on peace and security in the context of international relations and peace and conflict studies. Studies in Peace and Security aims to facilitate the interdisciplinary dialogue on peace and security of diverse academic disciplines. The series features cutting-edge scientific and scholarly studies on causes of international and intra-state conflicts and ways to solve them.

Studies in Peace and Security features monographs, edited volumes as well as text books and handbooks from a variety of disciplines that seek to advance theories and empirical research on peace, conflict and security. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, international peace and security, arms control and disarmament, international norms, regimes and organizations, international law, military and non-military intervention, peace-building and peace consolidation, democratization as well as radicalization and political violence. Methodologically, the series covers both quantitative as well as qualitative approaches.
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  • Christopher Daase,
  • Simone Wisotzki,
  • Anna Leander

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