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The Springer book series History of Physics publishes scholarly yet widely accessible books on all aspects of the history of physics. These cover the history and evolution of ideas and techniques, pioneers and their contributions, institutional history, as well as the interactions between physics research and society. Also included in the scope of the series are key historical works that are published or translated for the first time, or republished with annotation and analysis.

 As a whole, the series helps to demonstrate the key role of physics in shaping the modern world, as well as revealing the often meandering path that led to our current understanding of physics and the cosmos. It upholds the notion expressed by Gerald Holton that “science should treasure its history, that historical scholarship should treasure science, and that the full understanding of each is deficient without the other.” The series welcomes equally works by historians of science and contributions from practicing physicists.

These books are aimed primarily at researchers and students in the sciences, history of science, and science studies; but they also provide stimulating reading for philosophers, sociologists and a broader public eager to discover how physics research – and the laws of physics themselves – came to be what they are today.

All publications in the series are peer reviewed. Titles are published as both print- and eBooks. Proposals for publication should be submitted to Dr. Angela Lahee (angela.lahee@springer.com) or one of the series editors.



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  • Arianna Borrelli,
  • Olival Freire Junior,
  • Bretislav Friedrich,
  • Dieter Hoffmann,
  • Mary Jo Nye,
  • Horst Schmidt-Böcking,
  • Alessandro De Angelis

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