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Transactions on Computer Systems and Networks is a unique series that aims to capture advances in evolution of computer hardware and software systems and progress in computer networks. Computing Systems in present world span from miniature IoT nodes and embedded computing systems to large-scale cloud infrastructures, which necessitates developing systems architecture, storage infrastructure and process management to work at various scales. Present day networking technologies provide pervasive global coverage on a scale and enable multitude of transformative technologies.  The new landscape of computing comprises of self-aware autonomous systems, which are built upon a software-hardware collaborative framework. These systems are designed to execute critical and non-critical tasks involving a variety of processing resources like multi-core CPUs, reconfigurable hardware, GPUs and TPUs which are managed through virtualisation, real-time process management and fault-tolerance. While AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning tasks are predominantly increasing in the application space the computing system research aim towards efficient means of data processing, memory management, real-time task scheduling, scalable, secured and energy aware computing. The paradigm of computer networks also extends it support to this evolving application scenario through various advanced protocols, architectures and services. This series aims to present leading works on advances in theory, design, behaviour and applications in computing systems and networks. The Series accepts research monographs, introductory and advanced textbooks, professional books, reference works, and select conference proceedings.
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  • Amlan Chakrabarti

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