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Sustainability as a scientific endeavor requires broad understanding of the interconnections in our global environment. It is therefore positioned at the crossroads of research in natural sciences, technology and human sciences. This book series supports the global efforts by providing timely coverage of the progress, opportunities, and challenges towards achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Asia and Africa. It fosters the research in transdisciplinary academic fields spanning across agriculture and global food security, health and diseases, access to clean water and affordable energy, climate resilience and effects of global climate change on biodiversity, water and land.  This series is planned to narrate the stories of scientific development and progression towards SDGs from the regions of Asia and Africa. The overall aim of the series is to provide a comprehensive publication platform and act as a knowledge engine in the growth of sustainability sciences with a special focus on developing nations. The series constitute of four sub-series each focusing on a specific theme closely linked to a set of SDGs. Each sub-series is leaders and experts in agricultural sciences, environmental sciences, biomedicine and medical sciences respectively. Books in this series are useful for environmentalists, biotechnologists, plant scientists, medical practitioners, conservation biologists, policy makers, NGOs and scientific bodies working in the areas of sustainability sciences in the developing regions. 
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