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Designing Environments

Designing Environments

Series Editors: Hensel, M.U., Binder, C.R., Hensel, D.S., Ludwig, F.

ISSN: 2730-6526

This Series seeks to address the unfolding climate, environmental and ecological crisis from a broad interdisciplinary perspective and in relation to the impact of human transformations of the environment. The aim is to shift away from segregated modifications of the environment divided into domains and scales, systems and objects, with at best minimum negative impact for the environment, towards an integrative interdisciplinary approach that understands, models and modifies the environment in comprehensive and integrative manner and with net positive impact on the environment. This endeavour involves earth, environmental and life sciences, environmental informatics, computer science, and the disciplines that centrally concern the transformation of the terrestrial environments, such as architecture, landscape architecture and urban design, as well as agriculture and food production. From a methodological perspective computer and data science play a role in facilitating multi-domain and multi-scale models of environments with the purpose of both analysis and design. At the same time the Series will place the discussion in a necessary cultural context and also discuss the need for ethics in which an alternative approach to the transformation of the environment needs to be based on.

The Series Editors welcome book proposals on the following topics: paradigms, theory and methods for integrative inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to understanding, modelling and modifying environments; relevant historical and contemporary case studies; relevant current research projects; related data science and computer science approaches.