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SUMS Readings is a collection of books that provides students with opportunities to deepen understanding and broaden horizons. Aimed mainly at undergraduates, the series is intended for books that do not fit the classical textbook format, from leisurely-yet-rigorous introductions to topics of wide interest, to presentations of specialised topics that are not commonly taught. Its books may be read in parallel with undergraduate studies, as supplementary reading for specific courses, background reading for undergraduate projects, or out of sheer intellectual curiosity. The emphasis of the series is on novelty, accessibility and clarity of exposition, as well as self-study with easy-to-follow examples and solved exercises.
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Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series
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  • Endre Süli
Series Editor
  • Mark A. J. Chaplain,
  • Angus Macintyre,
  • Shahn Majid,
  • Nicole Snashall,
  • Michael R. Tehranchi

Book titles in this series

  1. Calculus off the Beaten Path

    A Journey Through Its Fundamental Ideas

    • Ignacio Zalduendo
    • Copyright: 2022

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