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Industrial Ecology

Industrial Ecology

Series Ed.: Khan, Syed Abdul Rehman

ISSN: 2730-5775

‚ÄčIndustrial ecology and circular economy is a peer-reviewed book series that focuses on different disciplinary approaches to waste management, sustainable practices & strategies on different scientific, societal, pyschological, technological, economic, governance, and cultural and political aspects of the ongoing and emerging debate. This primary goal of this series is to offer scientists from different school of thoughts and institutions a platform for scientific analysis and debate.


Undeniably, Industrial ecology is a rapidly growing field that systematically examines local, regional and global materials and energy uses and flows in products, processes, industrial sectors and economies. It focuses on the potential role of industry in reducing environmental burdens throughout the product life cycle from the extraction of raw materials, to the production of goods, to the use of those goods and to the management of the resulting wastes. Industrial ecology is ecological in that it (1) places human activity -- industry in the very broadest sense -- in the larger context of the biophysical environment from which we obtain resources and into which we place our wastes, and (2) looks to the natural world for models of highly efficient use of resources, energy and byproducts. By selectively applying these models, the environmental performance of industry can be improved. Industrial ecology sees corporate entities as key players in the protection of the environment, particularly where technological innovation is an avenue for environmental improvement. As repositories of technological expertise in our society, corporations provide crucial leverage in attacking environmental problems through product and process design.