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The field of regional science continues to advance. The book series The Voice of Regional Science presents new scholarly thinking on important emerging issues and new scientific advances in the broad and multidisciplinary domain of regional science research. The contributions to the series invoke the aim of the Regional Science Academy to rethink “the spatial dynamics of people and socio-economic activities in the connected and complex spatial systems of our earth.” The volumes in this series will serve the global regional science community by providing new insights on, or by calling attention to, recent developments that are rarely covered by conventional conferences, or are indicative of novel research directions.

The Voice of Regional Science welcomes both edited volumes and monographs, with works originating in the meetings of the Academy or proposed by external authors and volume editors. It features scholarly works that are retrospective only to the extent necessary to lay the groundwork for visions of future research in the area; all volumes have a forward-looking focus. Further, the series’ emphasis on thematic publications is intended to promote a more future-oriented strategic focus for regional science research. Applied studies in regional science are also welcome, provided they reflect this forward-looking focus.

The two sub-series The Voice of Regional Science and Great Minds in Regional Science jointly form a series entitled Footprints in Regional Science. All three book series present work stemming from and related to the activities of The Regional Science Academy (www.regionalscienceacademy.org).

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Footprints of Regional Science
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  • Bruce Newbold,
  • Vicente Royuela,
  • Mia Wahlström

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