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The books in the What Radiology Residents Need to Know series act as an introduction to radiology, specifically designed for the needs of residents on their first rotation in a specific subspecialty. Radiology residents are asked to learn significant amounts of information at a fast and unrelenting space. The current available literature for residents, though, is dense and includes more information than they can easily digest, while the number, variety, and quality of images is often limited. This forces residents to turn to quick searches on the internet to seek out information that often is not at their exact level of knowledge and leaves gaps in their learning. What Radiology Residents Need to Know answers resident needs for each radiology rotation, presenting the material in bullet fashion and dividing it into convenient sub-units, such as introductory clinical information followed by “imaging findings” and, when appropriate, “management.” In most cases, an individual pathological condition is presented in one page or less, allowing residents to quickly review the essential information on a specific pattern or disease. Books in the What Radiology Residents Need to Know series contain a large number of high-quality images, as well as a downloadable set of additional images that give readers a comprehensive library of illustrations. With both readable text and a broad spectrum of images, the books in the What Radiology Residents Need to Know series serve as an ideal guide for radiology residents. 
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  • Ronald L. Eisenberg

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