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The International Library of Bioethics comprises international and interdisciplinary volumes on foundational and applied issues in bioethics. The series focuses on perennial topics of aging, mental health, preventive medicine, medical research issues, end of life, biolaw, and other areas of bioethics, whilst expanding into other current and future questions involving the living world. The International Library of Bioethics examines the role of bioethics against the background of increasing globalization and interdependency of the world's cultures and government.

The series explores meaningful ways to answer the questions of how to direct biotechnology to human and other living things' ends, how to deal with changed values in the areas of religion, society, and culture, and how to formulate a new way of thinking. That is, to create a new, practical bioethics.

The international Library of Bioethics welcomes book proposals representing the broad interest of the series' focus. We especially encourage proposals addressing aspects of changes in biological and medical research and clinical health care, health policy, medical and biotechnology, and other applied ethical areas involving living things, with an emphasis on those interventions and alterations that force us to re-examine foundational issues.

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  • Dennis R. Cooley

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