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Issues in Space

Issues in Space

Series Editors: Henderson, Stacey Lee, de Zwart, Melissa

ISSN: 2662-902X

The ‘Issues in Space’ series brings together a broad range of authors and disciplines to promote a diversity of views, perspectives, and critical approaches in the space sector.  This series is designed to influence the development of the domestic and global space industry while it is in its formative stage, rather than trying to redress imbalances once they are entrenched in the industry.

This series aims to particularly promote the work of authors from traditionally marginalised groups, including women, early career researchers, and others; voices that are important in discussions of the development of the space industry. The scope of this series covers a broad range of key areas and disciplines that will be explored. Fundamental areas such as: outer space, space law, space policy, space regulation, space archaeology, space ethics, space situational awareness, space traffic management, military activities in space, commercial space, dispute resolution for space activities, space courts, space security, sustained human presence in space, space resource utilisation, space governance, space settlement, armed conflict in space, space resource utilisation, space manufacturing, space tourism, private actors in space, and space mining.

Issues in Space is an interdisciplinary series in that it is devoted to space scholarship but with the added unique focus on the promotion of diversity of authors, disciplines and opinions.