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The Asian Yearbook of International Economic Law (AYIEL) is dedicated to the rapidly developing legal field of International Economic Law (IEL) with a focus on Asia and the Pacific region. This region has been and still is one of the engines of world economy, and hosts a large number of economies of varying developmental levels, economic policies and legal jurisdictions. The AYIEL aims to publish top quality research outcomes in all areas of IEL, such as trade/WTO law, investment law, financial law, tax law, competition law, intellectual property law, dispute settlement, economic regulation and cooperation, regional economic integration, as well as other legal development of the Asian countries. While putting its focus in Asia, the AYIEL is not limited to IEL issues and developments in Asian countries. It consists of several major parts, including topical articles on the cutting-edge and profound issues of IEL, regional and national law relating to economic governance and integration, analysis of leading cases, book reviews and documentation. The editors of AYIEL are supported by an international Advisory Board consisting of world renowned scholars of IEL.
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  • Marc Bungenberg,
  • Manjiao Chi,
  • Andrea K. Bjorklund

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