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New & Forthcoming Titles | Learning Sciences for Higher Education

Learning Sciences for Higher Education

Learning Sciences for Higher Education

Series Editors: Sung, Y.-T., Liu, T.-C., Chen, C.-C., Paas, F., Murphy, P.K., Kamei, R.K.

ISSN: 2662-7302

The book series of Learning Sciences for Higher Education will be written from in-terdisciplinary perspectives of learning sciences by leading international scholars. The series aims to investigate the critical theoretical and applied issues of learning, teaching, assessment, and instructional/curriculum design in the higher education context. The book series will investigate the effects of innovations in the field of higher ed-ucation that aims to enhance students’ learning quality in various subjects. More specif-ically, the book series will involve the following research topics: (1) the learning process, strategies, and outcomes on the student side; (2) the instructional process, strategies, and effects on the teacher side; (3) methods for evaluating students’ learning process and outcomes; (4) methods for evaluating teachers’ teaching process and outcomes; (5) evaluation of instructional and curriculum design; (6) policy analysis of the management of quality learning, teaching, and assessment.