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The broad theme of the series revolves around the constitutional frameworks for economic activities and their interaction with the social sphere. It is this very interaction this Yearbook strives to focus on. At the same time, it is this focus which distinguishes it from other formats in the field. The reference to “constitutions” mirrors the Yearbook’s ambition to contribute to a better understanding of those legal rules which provide the very foundations for our economic and social well-being within a community governed by a constitution, irrespective of whether on the local, national, regional, or global level. The Yearbook aims to, first and foremost, provide a forum for doctrinal legal treatment of the questions that various socio-economic constitutions are faced with in today’s globalized context, while at the same time remain open to neighbouring disciplines to the extent that they inform the doctrinal treatment. For further information please visit https://www.ysec-yearbook.eu/.

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  • Steffen Hindelang,
  • Andreas Moberg

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