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Changes in education and organisational structure, teacher education, school management, curriculum, and instruction and assessment over the last few decades, and more so in recent years, have contributed significantly to the rapid and systemic improvement in pedagogical quality in Singapore. While the outcomes of Singapore’s success are internationally recognised, the processes, reasons and factors that contribute to pedagogical and systemic improvements have not been systematically captured in a comprehensive manner.

The series aims to fill the gap by presenting a Singaporean perspective on pedagogical research and innovation, highlighting how Singapore, drawing on knowledge and research done both internationally and locally, has successfully mobilised resources and efforts to improve learning and teaching across the various subject disciplines and education sectors.

The series also aims to present education research that will help propel Singapore’s education system towards its goal of meeting the challenges of the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution. It includes titles that focus on de-emphasising academic performance in favour of deep and soft skills, on de-emphasising knowledge transmission and rote learning in favour of inquiry methods, applied learning and experiential learning, titles that look into tripartite relationships with students, schools and industry to develop updated experiences with apprenticeships and internships, and titles that address the socio-political blind spots in the Singapore education system in terms of gender, racial and class equity, and others.

The series includes monographs that examine Singaporean pedagogies in terms of policies and practices. It also includes edited volumes that will cover, but not be limited to, the following structure: a state-of-the-art review of research and knowledge in the topics covered by and, an introduction of the purpose and the key issues covered by the volume; international and Singaporean experience in these topics, presented in a series of empirical studies or theoretical/conceptual pieces; comparison and synthesis of Singaporean pedagogical research and innovation experiences, and its applicability to other systems; and directions for future research and practice.

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  • David Wei Loong Hung,
  • Dennis Kwek

Book titles in this series

  1. The Role of Language in Content Pedagogy

    A Framework for Teachers’ Knowledge

    • Lay Hoon Seah
    • Rita Elaine Silver
    • Mark Charles Baildon
    • Copyright: 2022

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