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The 9-volume atlas covers validated and comprehensive information on retinal imaging, retinal vascular disorders, macular disorders, vitreoretinal surgical diseases, infectious and inflammatory disorders, retinal degenerations and dystrophies, pediatric retinal diseases, oncology, and trauma. This atlas with over 100 chapters is well supported with hundreds of high-quality images and text notes providing in-depth details and information in a well-organized manner.

The editors Sandeep Saxena (India), Richard F Spaide (USA), Eric Souied (France) and Timothy Y Y Lai (Hong Kong), volume editors and contributing authors are reputed eye physicians in their field with vast clinical experience.

This series has a full dedicated volume on imaging and includes various imaging technologies like optical coherence tomography, fluorescein angiography, etc. It provides global perspective of vitreoretinal diseases extensively covering medical and surgical aspects of the disease. Uncommon retinal findings in diseases such as Dengue hemorrhagic fever, malaria etc. are also covered well. 

Retina Atlas is a useful go-to series meant for ophthalmology residents, retina fellows, and retina specialists as well as general ophthalmologists.

Key Features
  • Features coverage of retina in 9 volumes and more than hundred chapters enabling selective reading
  • Covers full spectrum of retinal diseases and includes recent advances in imaging techniques 
  • Provides global perspective of vitreoretinal diseases for the first time covering extensively medical and surgical aspects of the disease
  • Presents global expertise and knowledge of reputed experts working at high-volume centers of excellence
‘Retina Atlas’ series includes the following 9 Volumes:

1. Retinal Imaging
2. Retinal Vascular Disorders
3. Macular Disorders
4. Surgical Retina
5. Inflammatory and Infectious Ocular Disorders
6. Hereditary Chorioretinal Disorders
7. Pediatric Retinal Diseases
8. Ocular Oncology
9. Trauma and Miscellaneous Disorders in Retina
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Series Editor
  • Sandeep Saxena,
  • Richard F. Spaide,
  • Eric H. Souied,
  • Timothy Y.Y. Lai

Book titles in this series

  1. Retinal Vascular Disease

    • Alan Sheyman
    • Amani A. Fawzi
    • Copyright: 2020

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  2. Macular Disorders

    • Ivana K. Kim
    • Copyright: 2020

    Available Renditions

    • Hard cover
    • Soft cover
    • eBook