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Commonly described as the "central science", chemistry and the chemical arts have an extremely long history that is deeply intertwined with a wide variety of other historical subjects. Perspectives on the History of Chemistry is a book series that presents historical subjects covering all aspects of chemistry, alchemy, and chemical technology. 

Potential topics might include:
  • An updated account or review of an important historical topic of broad interest
  • Biographies of prominent scientists, alchemists, or chemical practitioners
  • Translations and/or analysis of foundational works in the development of chemical thought
The series aims to provide volumes that advance the historical knowledge of chemistry and its practice, while also remaining accessible to both scientists and formal historians of science.  Volumes should thus be of broad interest to the greater chemical community, while still retaining a high level of historical scholarship. All titles should be presented with the aim of reaching a wide audience consisting of scientists, chemists, chemist-historians, and science historians.
All titles in the book series will be peer reviewed. Titles will be published as both printed books and as eBooks. Both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts are considered for publication in this series.

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Series Editor
  • Seth C. Rasmussen

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